Space Team

The high organisers of the intergalactic project called Space on Fire

Jukka-Pekka Heikkilä

General hustler (finance), Mad Science

Scientist who believes in the power of co-creation and is in love with impossible and exciting projects that aim to create significant positive change. Likes space a lot!

Background in Aalto School of Business, visiting professor in North Korea, where he has been teaching entrepreneurship and doing startup events since 2012. Royal Society and British Academy also support his fairly bizarre stuff.

Anssi Laurila

Project coordinator

Regional contact for Burning Man in Finland. Experience with delivering two projects to Burning Man and numerous international innovation projects and a long history in event production. Currently works for a startup that is looking to democratize space travel.

Saara Alhopuro, ”Glitter Mama”


Everything is better with glitter! Professional communicator and civil servant, former journalist and scuba diving instructor, an eternal dreamer and idealist. Superpowers include international diplomacy, playing with words, painting faces and bodies, organizing events and getting excited!

Elina Koivisto

Communications and Fun

Researcher, marketing and communications professional, and a finisher of Burning Man Ultra. Loves people, all things glitter, and exploring world. Superpowers include getting overly excited about new ideas and sharing that enthusiasm to others, as well as finally making these ideas happen while having fun at it!

Jami Sarnikorpi

Space Skipper

Curious explorer of life and the universe; passionate about finding meaningful aspects to non-rational phenomena. Interested in combining art and engineering, therefore co-managing the techy part of this project. Enthusiastic burner who ended up working in space industry.

Ron Aasholm

Architect, wooden dome

An architect interested in the grey area of informal urbanism and computational design: how simple human actions build real world complexity and how working within digital rules generate global order. Interestingly, these two meet in Burning Man in designing a parametric shell for a temporal city.

Jani Hietanen


I will make sure that time and space will get a proper vibratory treatment at our station.

Sounds are nice but silence is my real superpower.

Marko Tandefelt

AV & immersive team member

Finnish-American polymath with background in teaching Design & Technology Masters thesis at Parsons and worked in R&D, VR/3D, exhibition design and immersive AV installations. Likes legolike playfulness, modularity, positive thinking, mindfulness and overall creative collaborative whimzy. Passionate about the power of low frequencies, plays and builds synth basses.

Mats Böök

Tech/Pavilion modelling

Looking forward to taking some inside-the-box skills and applying them in a very outside-the-box project; to meeting and working with new interesting people; to enjoying hard-earned playtime with them in the inconceivable setting of BM.

Tony Stepanow


A marketing clerk who loves to travel and meet new crazy people. Looking for a true expedition to the Black Rock City with this amazing team. Can't wait for the social interactions to space with our lazer bean! What hashtag do they use in space? Will they tweet us back?

Jarno Eerola

Sound genius

A serial entrepreneur, hit-making DJ/music producer, and creator of Aitokaiku—a reactive and interactive music technology that transforms sensor data into music. Eerola has used Aitokaiku hardware to create sound installations with music from the aurora borealis, human DNA, and sauna at 82 degrees Celsius.

Anttoni "Reivikreivi" Palm

Master of all trades

Fields of expertise include art, science, getting shit done and the ultimate fate of humankind. If you're able to imagine it, I can make a few phone calls.

Mari Karjalainen


Superpowers: Writing, storytelling, journalism and communications.

Writer and journalist, who loves magic, day dreaming and fantasy.

Saana Wang

Visual artist and photographer,

Bit mystic and dreamer, she is home anywhere she goes. Intuitive process is her main tool when she is working. her work is a process that is positively influenced by a large array of encounters. She likes to hide meanings and messages behind her images and create conceptual narrations.

Saija Kuki

Music inspired me, yoga, writing, art and visions. People, life and my middle name is traveling. Enterpreunership has teached me so much and I want to learn more it everyday. I give my best face art to this burning man project.

Viljami Lehtonen


A Cosmos-based sound designer/musician/composer. He finds beauty in nature-related phenomenons and is eager to transform these into sound.

Sir Samuel Aarnio

A funnel of fun (we're all just tubes, right?)

Tapping in to the artistry of communication and language, my superpower is flow, creativity and jacked up muscles - as long as you regard the brain as a muscle. Hyperspeeding through this planet Gaia, friction is lessened and things manifest. ’Let me at it’ is the attitude, and building on site is the platitude.

Kirsi "Cherry Maria" Ekberg

EdTech Startup entrepreneur and happy happener among spacy dustynauts.

Bursting out ideas and helping with crowdfunding, spacy costumes and space concert of Anttu Koistinen.

Peter "Final Boss" Tapio

Combining Art and Tech

Entrepreneur and science buff, who gets continuously excited about cool stuff. Is now excited about art and exploring new the possibilities that creativity unfolds into our lives.

Special skills include all the tech stuff and some organising tricks, with special notes on following the big picture. This is why I'm the final boss you must defeat to prove your idea is feasible and can be done on time. :) Now caring for information flow in the project and things like the website. Pushing things that need a push.

And more!

We also have countless other people who help us out or lend a hand with things that inspire them. You can also join the fun and help us create something that inspires everyone.